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The Dutch Throwdown 2020 20-03-2020 t/m 22-03-2020

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The Dutch Throwdown 2020

Not for the best, just for the rest.Do you dream sometimes to perform a WOD in the middle of a stadium where you are swept up by the audience and the whole entourage? That you feel your lungs and your muscles burn but still go on willpower, after which you feel the king / queen of the tournament afterwards? Unfortunately then the alarm goes… Such a tournament is not reserved for you, because you do not belong to the small percentage “Elite”.You are not the best but you feel great and work outs are great. It is not your motivation, but others are just better, stronger, fitter, bigger. You also have no experience with top tournaments, but it seems like an ultimate experience to experience that feeling. That is now possible at The Dutch Throwdown!